I was born in Terni, on 16th September, some years ago… maybe more than some, but who cares? Does my age really matter? What specifies our age? Is it an ID Card or our being human?
As a child I had a lot of dreams, like every other child of course! Many dreams and two passions: history and writing.
I still remember a day, in summer – I was about 8 or 10 – it was a hot muggy day, today I can’t stand them anymore, but back in those days I used to love them because they meant summer holiday to me.
I was sitting on an old wooden chair, in my kitchen, with the enciclopedia for children open on my lap, and a notebook on a chair; I used to love Roman history, the Empire, Julis Caesar, Constantine and so on…
I read and wrote.
I read, wrote and imagined things. What was people’s life like back in those days? What about the towns, and the countryside? What did people think? What was in their hearts?
I liked the idea of telling stories, but maybe it was still a little bit early, I had other stuff to do!
Then, later in my life, I realized that there was not much else to do, and the time to do what I really liked was slowly decreasing.
A first book, then a second and a third: my aim? Mixing history and literature, my passions, hoping to pass those values down to my readers, to catch their eyes. Did it work? I hope so, because I don’t care about the copies of books I have sold, but about the feelings I can create in my readers.
If just one of my books reached the heart of a reader, I’d be proud of it, and glad for all the sleepless nights spent writing: because books helps us to grow up and – sometimes – to live better!
I hope, you’ll enjoy reading on !

The beginnings
In 2015 the author publishes his first book – Quando arriverà la primavera (i.e. When spring will come) – with GoWare Publishers: it’s collection of short stories set in Munich, Germany.

The second book
In 2016 the second book “L’impronta del diavolo” (i.e. The devil’s footprint) is published with the local publisher Morpehma edizioni. It is the story of two teenagers, who – during the 80s – get in touch with the terrorist group RAF.

The third book
In 2018 the third book is published: “il volo del canarino” (i.e.the flight of the songbird) , a picture of Germany between the two World Wars, from the armistice in Compiègne, which marked the end of WWI until Hitler’s rise, and everything following that…

And then...
we’ll come back to Italy, but there’s still time for this!