The flight of the songbird

The flight of the songbird

The book deals with the story of Jürgen and Sarah, two  young Bavarians whose lives are told by the author, starting with their childhood – after WWI –  until the 80s.

The German history, from 11th November 1918 -the day of the armistice – onward, is the background of a human and sentimental story involving the two main characters, who will be involved in the events after the defeat of WWI.  

Jürgen is the typical German – aryan – aristocrat, while Sarah is a jewish girl, whose family is respected and loved by everyone. 

Their lives will be deeply influenced by Hitler’s rise to the power, and by his racial laws, which will affect Sarah’s family too. Jürgen – on the other hand – is initially a committed supporter of the new Nazi politics, hoping to achieve revenge for Germany after the shameful surrender of WWI, but then – slowly – doubts and afterthoughts will bring him to a new awareness of the Nazi crimes. 

Readers’ opinions

I’ve just finished reading your book; after a slow beginning the plot gets catchy and thrilling. You rejoice and suffer with the characters, and at the end you see that history with different eyes…Students  should read it at school. Congratulations, a beautiful book  (Anna, via Facebook).

I’ve read this novel in a short time. It’s very flowing but also very well informed on the events which are told. Although I already read many books dealing with this topic, I’ve found new historical news I didn’t know. A Beautiful book  (Rosa, via Amazon)

…wars change but the despair in the eyes  of the survivors is always the same…

(F. Casadidio, Il volo del canarino)

The characters

Jürgen von Schotze, SS Official

Sara Funke, daughter of an aryan father and a jewish mother, following the Nurnberg laws she’s a Mischling, i.e. a German girl with mixed blood

Helmut von Schotze and his wife Monika, Jürgen’s parents

Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler and other Nazi officials, the oppressors

6 Million jews, the victims !